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Replacing your computer or phone

Key points:

Take a backup of your data

Even if you take regular backups as a matter of course, double-check that you have a working backup before wiping your device.

Wipe your device securely


Follow Apple's guide to wiping your Mac.

iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Follow Apple's guide to wiping your iOS device.

Other devices

Check if your device's manufacturer offers a guide on how to wipe your device securely.

If no advice is available, the safest option is to remove any storage devices (such as hard drives, or solid state disks) and physically destroy them.

Two-factor authentication: back up it / turn it off first

If you use two-factor authentication which is linked to a specific device, you may need to disable this on each service, and then set it up again on your new device.

Check this before you wipe your device, as otherwise, you might lock yourself out of your online services.

Buying a replacement device


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