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Privacy notice

About us

This website is hosted by Contact details are here (normal web) and here (onion service).

What data we hold

If you are just browsing, nothing

We keep no logs of traffic to the site: we just serve up the pages in response to your requests. If you are just browsing the site without registering, we store no information about you.

If you want even more privacy, this site is accessible through Tor, and also within Tor as a hidden / onion service.

If you register an account, whatever you give us

If you register an account for this site (which you only need to do if you want to make changes to the content), then we will hold whatever information you use to create that account.

Even though the field says “Real name”, we do not care if the name you use is your “real” name (what is a “real name” anyway?) — use whatever you want, bearing in mind it is public.

You will need to use a valid email address. We strongly suggest that you use a unique email address.

If you make changes, the changes you make are logged against your account. All changes are publicly visible, so anyone can see the version history of this site. If you want to propose a change but show it came from you, you're welcome to email that change to me and I can add it. Obviously, I'll then have your email address…

Using your information

If you are just browsing, to serve the content to you

If you are just browsing the site, the only reason we will use your information is to serve the pages to you.

If you register for an account, to maintain your account

If you register for account, we will use whatever username you give us, and your email address, to set up and maintain your account for you. Since there are no terms in place for registering an account, we can't say that this is necessary to perform a contract with you, so we'll have to say “legitimate interests”, even though that doesn't feel quite right.

You can subscribe to notifications if you want, but that's up to you. This processing is based on your consent.

If you are logged into your account and make changes, to preserve version history an attribute changes

If you are logged into your account and make changes, we will only use your information to operate and maintain the site. This is little more than keeping the version history of the site, and attributing changes to the right person.

This is a legitimate interest.

Your data and the EEA

Any data we hold about you will be held in the UK, and we will not transfer or process these data outside the European Economic Area. Unless the UK leaves the EU, in which case, all these data will be outside the EEA, despite not having moved anywhere. They'll still be on exactly the same server as they were beforehand.

This site is available all over the world (and if someone is connecting via an Internet connection from a space station, outside this world too) and, if someone outside the EEA views version history, they will see who has made what changes.

Your rights

If you are just browsing, you basically have no rights

If you are just browsing the site, we do not record any data about you, so we have nothing to give you and nothing we can restrict or erase. The totality of what we do with your data is described above: to serve pages to you.

In fact, if you do try to exercise your rights, you'll end up giving us way more information that we have right now, for no good purpose.

If you have an account

If you have an account, then you have the right to:

  • get access to your personal data (which you can do via your account page)
  • get access to information about our processing of it (this notice)
  • delete your account (which you can do when logged in, via the “Update Profile” link at the top of the page)
  • object to our maintenance of version history. Unless you were suffering particularly badly, it's unlikely that we would do this, but we could squash the version history if you were suffering really badly.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint about our processing with a supervisory authority — you probably want the UK's Information Commissioner's Office. They'll eventually send us a letter, requiring us to review your complaint and contact you, so you'll need to give them, and us, more personal data than you'll be complaining about.

Retention periods

If you are just browsing, we retain nothing

Nothing retained, so no retention period.

If you have an account

If you have an account, then we retain the information you gave us, until you delete your account.

We maintain version history for as long as we run this site, or until we squash the version history (which we do not plan on doing). So if you make a change and then delete your account, your historic changes will still show against your name. If this is a really big deal for you, let us know, and we can look at squashing version history.

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